Zyara, a personal journey of discovery           Summer 2011

Why is it important to visit Palestine then?

So we go tour the country for two weeks. Big deal!
We wake up early, rushing to go to the next town, village, camp, or city.
Eyes half closed, toothbrushes hanging out, towels across shoulders queuing for a shower, feet tripping over battery charges, kettles boiling, all rushing to reach our next destination.

Yes the scenery is beautiful, as a matter of fact, breathtaking at times
Yes, the Old Cities are captivating
        the food is mouth watering, even palate tickling
        the spices' aroma infusing the nose

Yes, the camps are crammed and suffocating
        the hills are layered and the valleys are stretched

Yes, the soldiers are an eye sore 
        the colonies are an insult to humanity.

Yes, the sea engulfs you and the scent of a Jasmine seduces you
        Churches stand tall and Mosques echo the call

 Yes, the plums are juicy and the cherry is almost honey
         the olive tree is gracious. It's soil is red rich

Yes, it's hot in Jericho, warm in Nablus, fresh in Yaffa, cool in Nazareth, chilly in Birzeit, and cold in the Golan Heights. All in a June week

So what?

Until you embrace a child singing 'we shall overcome', you will not know.
Until you walk through a ex-prison with now a free man, you will not know
Until you stand beside an old woman in front of a heap of rubble that used to be her home, you will not know
Until you dine with Hip Hop youth singing for freedom, equality, and existence; you will not know
Until you dance at an open air concert with drunken joy in the company of young and old, you will not know
Until you realise the many faces and structures of discrimination, you will not know
Until the owner of a pottery shop insists that you have coffee with him, you will not know.

That's the 'Why'...

With Tears and laughter, 
anger and dance, 
joy and helplessness, 
weakness and song, 
resilience and contentment, 
disgust and brightness, 
awe and warmth, 
tiredness and patience, 
coolness and belief, 
sadness and faith, 
despair and hope,
all jumbled together, you wonder: How do they do it? 
Then realise the importance of a Zyara to Palestine.

It also becomes clear, the people are the answer.

Zyara -  Be part of the song they're making. Be part of their journey to freedom.

This time we chose to support DAM Hiphop band who massively influence Palestinian and Arab youth, and we invite you to join us. 
Here's how you can help DAM raise the funds needed to record their next album (click on link below):

Please circulate to friends                                                                  Zyara Page on FB

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