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We will never be able to fully appreciate what it means when a military occupation continues to rule ones life for what seems to be an eternity, but we had a chance to see it through an open window of almost two weeks.  

We cried hard and laughed harder. We hugged when we ran out of words to express a feeling. We were in daze. We went silent. Our eyes met when no words could have been said.

This page provides a selection of the institutions we visited and the people we met.

Al Shurooq School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Al-Shurooq school, located in Beit Jala, is the educational facility of the National Society for the visually impaired. It was established in 1981, in order to provide the blind and the visually impaired with appropriate education and equal opportunity.

The programs offered at
Al-Shurooq School enable blind child, after acquiring adequate training and skills, to cope efficiently with their natural home environment and function independently in regular classroom settings.

To visit their website, click on the link http://www.nsfvh.org/

The Freedom Theatre, Jenin refugee camp

Using the arts as a model for social change,
The Freedom Theatre is developing the only professional venue for theatre and arts in the north of the
Occupied Palestinian Territories

The aim of this project is to empower and give voice to the children of Jenin Refugee Camp through a unique programme of workshops and activities in theatre, supporting arts and multi-media, ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the presentation of high-quality artistic products.

 To visit their website, click on the link   http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org/  

The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), 

founded in 1988 by lawyers and community activists, is an independent, grassroots, non-governmental organization (NGO), registered in Israel. HRA works to promote and protect the political, civil, economic, and cultural rights of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel from an international human rights perspective.

To visit their website, click on the link   http://www.arabhra.org/HRA/Pages/Index.aspx 

El Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe, Ramallah

El-Funoun perceives its works as artistic articulations of Arab-Palestinian heritage, present and future ambitions. The Troupe aims at developing and promoting contemporary Palestinian dance through reviving Palestinian folklore, deriving from it, building on it and adding to it El-Funoun’s unique dance style. This style is a product of El-Funoun’s own social and artistic perceptions, and it is influenced by Arab and international dance experiences.

 To visit their website, click on the link  http://www.el-funoun.org/ 

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC)El Khalil (Hebron)

Whatever your background or interest may be, from an architectural perspective and upgrading infrastructure to deep believes in the human spirit and resistance by example, a visit to Palestine will not be complete without visiting Hebron (nicknamed Mini Palestine) and Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), whose objectives are defined as:

Preserving cultural heritage and urban fabric.

Reviving the Old City by consolidating ties with the population, reusing abandoned buildings, upgrading the infrastructure and connecting the Old City to the city’s other parts.

Counter and limit Israeli settlements inside the Old City by surrounding settlements with inhabited buildings to prevent their horizontal expansion; and to avert the urban interconnection of these settlements by increasing Arab demographic density between them.

 Hebron Rehabilitation Committee website link  http://www.hebronrc.org/ 

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