Zyara, a personal journey of discovery          About Us

You will see with your own eyes

We are a small group of ordinary people who believe in seeing it as it is. 

We organise a Zyara (visit) to Palestine once or twice a year. We take a maximum of 30 people with us to volunteer in small projects and tour the country, meeting people of all walks of life and grass roots organisation. We enjoy the food, landscape, and company of other ordinary people living under occupation.

'I didn’t expect to feel so at home, at ease in a land that has scarcely experienced peace in most of its inhabitant’s lifetimes....... I know I’ll go back to Palestine, and keep going back for many years to come. Once you’ve been and experienced the land and it’s people, I don’t see any other option.'  Mike

'I spoke the language, I ate the food, I held the customs yet growing up I had a hard time understanding why I never lived on that land and all my relatives were dispersed across the world........Little did I know how much this trip would change me. ....The people I met across all cities of Palestine have been genuinely generous, warm, hospitable and welcoming, especially given some of their difficult circumstances, truly put my life into perspective.'  Sherine

'I had the privilege of spending 2 weeks in Palestine with a fantastic group of people and for all of us it was a journey of discovery..... To see by your eyes brings the reality into your heart...... Zyara is a positive way for people to find their own way of supporting Palestinians. When faced with the welcome, dignity and humanity of the Palestinian people I met, it has helped me to express my own humanity.'  Norma.

'Summer 2009 has been the best summer of my life. From scaling the intimidating Nepalese mountains, to surviving the infamous festival toilets at Leeds, it has been a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. One particular journey stands out as the most fulfilling, eye-opening, spectacular journey of summer: Zyara 2009 to Palestine.'  Sami

'How was it, I still can't tell.... am I still under the shock.... I told Fadi today, it was a dream, but funny enough I have proofs that it wasn't. I actually lived there I found myself there, walking, and jumping (just until the pain kicks in and reminds me of the 2 months I had to live on crutches)
I was the little girl there exploring her world. in normal cases, kids are raised in their own countries and leave them to explore the world when they're older. 
there I was 30 years old yet a little girl, Palestine, didn't take away my childhood, gave me what I didn't have in any other place I lived in.

'Well, it sounds odd to thank you for having given me such a shattering experience, but I do. It really has made a difference to me. Knowing in theory and seeing in reality aren't the same at all. I hope that I'll be able to make many more visits to Palestine and see changes for the better.Saher's right by the way - Palestine doesn't wash out!'  Jane

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